Actions on questions

You can perform a number of actions on a question:

Publish a question

Publishing a question will make it appear on the participant screen. If no question is published, participants cannot do anything.

Only one question can be published at a time on the quiz.

Note: In asynchronous quiz, publishing a question is unavailable.

Display results

Display the result of the vote as a bar chart.

Display the leaderboard

Display the top five participants of the quiz.

Each participant can earn up to 2 points per question.

Correct answers. Each participant will get 1 point if he or she selects all the correct answers of a question. If one or several correct answers of a specific question are missing, he or she will get no points for this question.

Bonus points. Participants can get 1 extra point for each question if he or she is within the first 10% to submit the correct answer(s).

Lock answers

Locking a question block any vote by participants on this question.

Clear results

Delete all vote by participants on this question.

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