Installing the iOS Profile

The iOS profile includes a webclip that opens Safari in fullscreen, creates an account and joins workshops automatically.


  1. Connect to the wifi StormzMobile
  2. Open safari and go to
  3. Click on Download Stormz Profile for iOS
  4. Confirm that you want to install the profile


The profile installs a shortcut (or webclip) on the homescreen of the iPad.

The first time you create an account on the Stormz Box. You will see the first run page where you can choose a team and an avatar.

By default, we select a random avatar and a name such as Team 1. This number is resetted every day.

The next time you will launch the app, the first run page will not appear. You will be redirected to the dasboard.

On the dasboard, you should see the list of workshops you have setup using the autojoin.

Logout to join new workshops

To logout the app and create a new account, click on the user dropdown in the header, and click Log out and reset.

You will see a confirmation dialog, click on Ok.

Then go back to the homescreen and tap on the Stormz icon.

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