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  • Getting started with Stormz

    New to Stormz? Well, you are in the right place and you are about to get up to speed with the art of collaborative workshops with Stormz. Stormz is a t...

  • An overview of a Stormz workshop

    A Stormz workshop is made of 4 major components: A Stormz workshops has three types of users are one of the most important concepts in Stormz as they ...

  • Tutorial. Facilitate your first workshop

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and facilitate your first workshop. Follow the step by step instructions, if you want more details about...

  • Creating a divergence phase

    A divergence phase is most of the time at the beginning of every brainstorming. The principle is to let participants create as many cards as possible. ...

  • Adding a card

    In Stormz, a card is the way to capture participants' contributions. Cards can represent just about any kind of contributions: ideas, causes, risks, ac...

  • Adding a cluster

    A cluster regroups one or more cards. Clusters can represent main themes, categories, perspectives, big ideas, etc. To add a cluster, click on the link...

  • Using card sections

    Card's sections are a powerful way to gather structured content in cards from your attendees. Participants can add items associated to a section in eac...







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