Updating the system time

Because the system is not connected to the internet, the system time may differ from the real one.

Synchronizing the time with yours is pretty easy and only takes 10 seconds.

You need to be the admin of the Stormz Box to update the time.

  1. Go to time admin page
  2. Click on the button Synchronize with your computer
  3. You are done


How I know if I should update the time?

Go the time admin page and check that the time displayed is the current UTC time. If not, update it.

What if I use the box on a non-UTC timezone?

You don't have to worry about that. The time is stored on UTC, but everything in Stormz will be displayed according to your timezone.

What about using NTP servers?

We can't access to the internet. So no NTP servers.

The server responded with an error. What happens?

If the clock was updated to a very distant past or future, the system may have some trouble during a few seconds. Time travel is exhausting!

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