Updating a box

Updating the box is an important process to keep it secure and to use the latest features. You need to be the administrator of the Stormz Box to update it.

The update process can take up to 30 minutes and you cannot do anything during the process. All your data will be migrated.

Prepare the update

  1. Ensure you have an usb key of 4GB or more
  2. Using your internet connection, connect to the box portal
  3. Download the latest update
  4. Put the update on the usb key
  5. Insert the usb key on the box


  1. Connect your computer to the wifi
  2. Go to updater admin page
  3. Click on the button Update
  4. The process will start. It may take some times (up to five minutes)
  5. The Stormz Box will reboot
  6. After 10 minutes, the box should be fully updated
  7. Go back to the updater admin page and check the version deployed


Error message: Unable to access to the usb key.

Ensure the USB key is correctly inserted on a free USB port.

Ensure there is only one USB device connected to the Box.

Error message: Update not found

Ensure the update is on the USB key. The name of the update must be stormz-update.tar.gz.

The update failed, what should I do?

Don't panic! The update process is designed to not interfere with your current data.

  1. Copy the update log and send it to the support. It's available on your portal
  2. Try to re-apply the update to see if it works

I don't have a 4GB USB key

Send us a support request, we'll send it to you with the latest update available at the time.

The system rebooted, but the version has not changed

The system may have failed to boot on the new system. Contact the support.

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