Should I use Stormz in the cloud or with the Stormz Box?

Use Stormz in the cloud ( when:

  • Participants are online
  • Participants are onsite but only a few devices are needed and/or you’re certain the Wifi and the Internet are completely reliable (this is critical)
  • You need the participants to use their personal Stormz account

Use the Stormz Box when:

  • Participants are in the same room
  • Confidentiality is key (the data does not leave the room)
  • Participants are at the same venue but scattered in different rooms (call us for technical support)
  • Many devices are going to be used (tens or hundreds of them)
  • You would like to benefit from the Auto join feature (no login needed for participants)
  • You do not want to have to deal with Wifi and Internet

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