Changing the facilitation mode

The facilitation mode allows to switch between Advanced and Normal:

  • Advanced: Show all possible actions in a workshop, regardless of the step settings. It's very useful for designing your workshop or seeing the progression of the participants.
  • Normal: Show you only the actions your participants can take depending on the current step. It's very useful to check what your participants see.

These two modes only affects what the facilitator can see and do. Regardless of your facilitation mode, you will always be able to change the current step and the filters view, edit the instructions and to access the settings.


If you are in a voting step where card creation is not allowed for participants, you can still create cards in Advanced mode, but this will not be possible in Normal mode.

Switch from one mode to another

  1. In the top right of the workshop, click on "Advanced"
  2. Click on Normal

Change facilitation mode


I cannot customize my workshop!

Remember, when you are in Normal Mode, you can only perform actions allowed to your participants in the current step. Change the permissions of your step or switch to Advanced Mode.

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