Style texts and add images to description, instructions and cards

You can add some formating using Markdown. Markdown is a simple formatting syntax that allows you to format your texts and insert images.

You can use Markdown in:

  • Workshop description
  • Instructions
  • Cards

A simple example

If you put the following text in a card:


![Stormz logo](https://url-of-the-image)

Stormz is both a powerful *large group methodology* and a *real-time web application*
that transforms boring corporate meetings into **highly interactive workshops** where
hundreds of employees actively use tablets to co-create plans that will engage people and
accelerate change.


## Pros

* allows hundreds of people to work together
* flexible collaboration engine that allows great workshops
* works on tablets or laptops w/o install
* and much more...

## Cons

* should have existed before

... you will get:

A card with image and text style

You will find a detailed documentation of the syntax on the Markdown site. We also support a Markdown variant, called GFM.

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