Generating a word cloud - Insight Cloud

The Insight Cloud use the cards of a workshop to display a word cloud and filter cards depending of a word.

Under the hood, the Insight Cloud use stemming to regroup words.

Display a word cloud

Go to the settings of the workshop -> Apps and click on the link See the Insight cloud.


  • Size: Adjust the size of the words depending of the content. You can enter your own value.
  • Locale: Choose the language of the workshop. Important for the stemming to works correctly. If you don't want any stemming, choose No specific locale.
  • Clusters: Select the cards from the clusters you want
  • Words to remove: Remove words from the word cloud. This use stemming to remove all occurences of the word.

The effects of stemming

If you choose a locale, a stemming algorithm will be applied to the content and common words of the language will the removed.

word cloud

Filter cards

To display cards that match a word, click on a word in the word cloud. We'll display the corresponding cards.

filter cards

  • In the top left, click on the arrow to go back to the wordcloud
  • In the top right, click on the fullscreen to display the word cloud and the cards in fullscreen


The word cloud don't display clusters and aside cards.

New cards will be displayed when clicking on generate.

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