Tutorial - Create your first quiz

A quiz is an activity to ask questions and let participants respond to the predefined anwers.

Create the Quiz

  • In the dashboard, click on the Create a Stormz button.
  • Click on the Create a quiz tab
  • Enter a quiz name and submit
  • In the quiz page, click on Add a question

  • In the question page, add answers in the left sidebar:

You can then create another question (create as many question as you want).

  • Click on the arrow on the top left, and click on Add a question

When you have done your questions and answers.

Invite attendees

In the list of questions, share to attendees the 9 nine digits code.

Attendees can use the code to join the quiz from the dashboard or on the page stormz.me/join

Present your quiz

In the quiz page, click on the first question and on the button Presentation mode.

The participants will now see the question, and can answer it.

To display the results, move your mouse and click on the Display results button on the top toolbar.

Then click on the next question button in the bottom right to continue your quiz and repeat the same steps.

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