Tutorial - Create your first Socializer

Create the Socializer

  • In the dashboard, click on the Create a Stormz button.
  • Click on the Create a Socializer button
  • Enter a name and submit


In the socializer page, enter the informations you have:

  • the number of expected participants
  • if each participants will have a device or not;
  • if no, the number of devices available
  • and the time available you have (in minutes)

Once done, click on Apply.

Create themes and challenges

On the second page, you have to create the themes and challenges:

  1. Click on Add a theme
  2. Enter the theme name, for instance: Creativity
  3. Click on Create

Then, you have to create the number of challenges needed:

  1. Click on the theme
  2. Click on Add a challenge
  3. Click on Text challenge
  4. Enter the challenge name, for instance: Find an original and easy way to greet yourself
  5. Click on Create

Create as many challenges as needed.

Invite attendees

Open the settings sidebar, and share to attendees the 9 nine-digit code.

Attendees can use the code to join the socializer from the dashboard or on the page stormz.me/join

Present your Socializer

Once finished:

  1. Click on the Done button.
  2. In the toolbar on the top, click on the button unpause.

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