Synchronous VS asynchronous use of Stormz

You can use Stormz in two different ways: synchronous or asynchronous.


Everybody uses Stormz at the same time.

This way is similar to doing a traditional meeting where everybody is in the same room and interacts together. This kind of workshop last between 20 minutes to several hours and can be done onsite or online.

Benefits of the synchronous use of Stormz (vs asynchronous):

  • More realtime interactions between participants
  • More rhythm and speed


Everyone contributes to Stormz but at different times in the day or week.

An asynchronous workshop last for several days. Typically, the facilitator starts a new Stormz activity at the beginning of the day and participants have the whole day to post their contributions.

Benefits of the asynchronous use of Stormz (vs synchronous):

  • More time for reflection, you can add an idea and come back later to add another one
  • No need to find a common time-slot between all participants
  • Still the participants are guided through a step by step methodology

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