Changing participant's role

In a stormz (a Workshop, a Quiz, or an Event), participants can be assigned a role (attendee, observer, facilitator or disabled).

Roles in an Event

In an event, participants share the same role across all subactivities.

  • Attendee: cannot see hidden activities
  • Observer: can see hidden activities
  • Facilitator: can update settings, add and remove activities, change order, invite participants

Roles in a Workshop

  • Attendee: can only behave according to steps' permissions
  • Observer: can change filters, see votes and ratings results and the activity
  • Facilitator: can update settings and invite participants

Roles in a Quiz

  • Attendee: can answer questions
  • Observer: can see the list of questions and see the results
  • Facilitator: can update settings, add questions and invite participants

The "disabled" role

Participants with disabled role cannot access about the stormz anymore. They cannot see, write, or receive notifications from it.

Updating the role of a participant

  1. In the stormz, click on the participants’ list
  2. Find the participant
  3. Click on the action menu (three dot) icon
  4. Click on the new role entry

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