Add a new vote session

You can create as many vote sessions as you need in a workshop.

A. Create a new vote session

  1. Open the [workshop's settings page][admin-page]
  2. Click on the Steps entry
  3. Edit a step
  4. Click on Permissions
    • If there is no existing vote session yet, click on "Add a new vote session"
    • If there is at least one existing vote session, click on Manage vote sessions and then on "Add a new vote session"

B. Setup generic settings

  1. Change the name of the vote session, so that you can recognize it
  2. Select if participants will be able to vote on cards, on clusters or on both

C. Setup vote mechanisms

In a vote session, participants can assign points to one or several cards. Depending on the settings, vote sessions in Stormz can range from a simple "like" (+1 point) dynamique to sophisticated "budget" mechanisms.

  1. First enable positive points and/or negative points.
  2. Then you can setup different constraints for both the positive and negative points:
    • the budget limit, which affect the number of points spend across all the cards and/or clusters
    • the credit limit per card, which affect the maximum number of points one can spend on one card or one cluster.

Example of dynamics:

  • "Like": enable positive points, no budget and 1 point max per card.
  • "Like/Dislike": enable both positive points and negative points, no budget and 1 point max per card.
  • "100 dollars budget game": enable positive points, 100 points budget and 100 points max per card.
  • "Dot voting": enable positive points, 10 points budget (10 dots) and 1 point max per card.
  • "5 stars voting": enable positive points, no budget and 5 points max per card.
  • etc...

Other ways to add a new vote session

In the Step section, a new vote session is automatically created when you add one of these pre-configured steps:

  • Vote: 100 points
  • Vote: like
  • Vote: custom

Furthermore, the first two (100 points and Like) will also setup the settings accordingly.

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