Duplicate one or several cards

You can duplicate one or several cards. It will create a copy of the card(s) and, if needed, move it/them into another workshop and/or cluster.

How can I duplicate a single card?

  1. Open the card by clicking on it,
  2. Click on More,
  3. Click on Duplicate,
  4. Choose the destination workshop and/or cluster,
  5. Then click on Save.

duplicate a card

How can I duplicate several cards at the same time?

  1. Select the cards to be duplicated by clicking on their checkboxes,
  2. Click on Duplicate in the action bar,
  3. Choose the destination workshop and/or cluster,
  4. Then click on Save.

duplicate several cards at once

Who can duplicate a card?

  • The facilitator can always duplicate a card.
  • Participants can duplicate a card only if they have the permission to add cards in the current step.

What will be duplicated?

The source and destination cards will have the same:

The name of the creator of the source card will be kept only if the user is also a participant of the destination workshop.

When should I duplicate cards?

Duplicating one or several cards can be useful in the following situations:

  • You would like to develop two different concepts based on the same card. Duplicate the card once and then use Lists to develop each concept separately.
  • You would like to have the same card in two different clusters.
  • You have generated cards in three different workshops with three different groups of participants and would like to develop or vote on them in a fourth workshop.
  • You would like to move a set of cards into a single destination cluster but would prefer to keep a copy of them in their initial cluster.
  • ...


Participants cannot duplicate a card

Make sure the permission Allow participants to add cards is enabled. See the step permissions.

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