Importing cards into Stormz

Instead of starting a workshop from scratch, you can import a list of existing cards or cluster that you have generated with a previous Stormz workshop or with another application.

Preparing the CSV file

In order to import cards into Stormz you must create a CSV file with the list of your cards.

CSV is a simple file format that can be read by a wide range of applications such as MS Word or Excel.


  • id: unique identifier. Mandatory for clusters
  • type (mandatory): cluster or idea
  • title (mandatory): the title of the card
  • content: the main content of the card (empty by default)
  • aside: true or false (false by default)
  • parent: the id of the cluster for idea cards (Mandatory for ideas)
1,cluster,"Cluster 1",1
2,idea,"Idea 1","This is a great idea",1
3,idea,"Idea2","And another one",1


Export cards from a previous workshop

See how to export cards and choose the CSV file format.

Export cards from MS Excel

  1. Create a new Excel file: File > New...
  2. On the first line, write the name of the fields : id, type, title, content and score (this last field is optional).
    Be careful not to make any typos on the names as Stormz won't be able to recognize them during the import phase.
  3. Copy and paste the list of cards, you must have at least a title and a content.
    You should have something like that :
  4. Now click on Save as and select CSV as the output format.
    You should now have an CSV file compatible with Stormz.

Export cards from other applications

Many application have a way to export data as CSV or into Excel.

We suggest you either:

  • Export it as CSV or Excel and modify the file into excel (see "Export cards from Excel)
  • Export it as CSV and modify the list directly in a text editor (see "CSV file format")

Import cards into Stormz

Prerequisite: a list of cards saved as a CSV file.

  1. Create a new workshop or join an existing one
  2. Go to the workshop settings page
  3. Click on the Import entry
  4. Click on Select a file

Import csv

  1. Locate and select your CSV file
  2. Here you are, your cards have been imported

If you have error messages while importing

We suggest you open you CSV file with a simple text editor and check if:

  • The first line contains the field names
  • The first line contains at least "title" and "content"
  • Each value is separated by a comma
  • Each card is on a separate line
  • Values with spaces or commas are enclosed within double-quote characters

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