I cannot access a workshop

There is multiple reasons why you couldn't access a workshop.

You cannot join this workshop. You must upgrade to the Standard plan.

Your trial period has expired or you have canceled your subscription. To access to this workshop again, you must upgrade your account to the Standard plan.

Note: You can always access to archived workshops.

You cannot join this workshop. Contact the facilitator.

The trial period of the facilitator has expired or the facilitator has canceled his subscription. Ask your facilitator to upgrade his account.

You cannot join an archived workshop.

The facilitator has archived the workshop. New users cannot join it.

Ask the facilitator to un-archive the workshop and try again.

The maximum number of attendees for the workshop has been reached.

The maximum number of participants depends of the facilitator's plan.

The facilitator can either upgrade his account to the standard plan or contact the support.

You have been disabled on this workshop.

The facilitator demoted you to a disabled role for this workshop, you cannot access it anymore.

Ask the facilitator to upgrade you to the attendee role

You have been removed from this workshop.

The facilitator removed you from this workshop, you cannot access it anymore.

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