I cannot import workshop or upload files

We are using FileStack to handle uploads in Stormz, including:

If an error appear and you cannot upload or view a file, Ask your IT departement to whitelist/unblock the domains Filestack is using. See them below:

  • *.filestack.com
  • *.filestackcontent.com
  • *.filestackapi.com
  • *.filepicker.io
  • *.amazonaws.com

If your firewall can't use wildcards use these specific domains instead.

  • www.filestack.com
  • cdn.filestackcontent.com
  • static.filestackapi.com
  • cloud.filestackapi.com
  • upload.filestackapi.com
  • upload-eu-west-1.filestackapi.com
  • upload-us-east-1.filestackapi.com
  • filepicker.io
  • filestack-uploads-persist-production.s3.amazonaws.com

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