What is a section?

Generating off-the-top-of-your-head, one-sentence ideas is far from enough: they’re just "seeds of ideas"! At some point in your workshop, you’ll want to develop and enrich your ideas in order to turn them into robust concepts. That’s exactly what sections are for!

In a nutshell, sections are lists of items (for example Pros, Cons, Actions...) located within a Stormz card and co-created by your participants. Each section is a way to refine, enrich or develop the original concept. By carefully setting up the sections, participants will be able to co-create an improved version of the idea.

Examples of sections:

You can set up as many sections as you want:

  • The classic Pros & Cons (3 sections):
    • Pros,
    • Cons,
    • Improvements.
  • The GPS by Tim Hurson (3 sections):
    • Good,
    • Problems,
    • Step-it up.
  • The PPCO, a powerful CPS framework (4 sections):
    • Plus,
    • Potential,
    • Concerns,
    • Overcoming Concerns.
  • Concept Development (5 sections):
    • Key ingredients,
    • Benefits,
    • Target users,
    • Potential Issues,
    • Experiment plan.
  • And more...

Learn how to use the sections

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