Select current vote session

When you want create a step where participants will either be able to vote or to see the results of a vote, you need to associate the step with a specific voting session.

Create a new vote session

If there is no vote session, you need to create one. See how to create a new vote session

Select an existing vote session

If there are existing vote sessions, you need to select the one that will be associated with the step.

  1. Open the [workshop's settings page][admin-page]
  2. Click on the Steps entry
  3. Edit a step
  4. Click on Permissions
  5. Click on the Vote dropdown menu to select the vote session

Setup the Permissions

Check the permissions depending on what you want the participants to do.

  • Vote on cards/clusters: give the participants the permission to vote on card or clusters (depending on the setup)
  • See the results of votes: give the participants the ability to see the results of the voting session

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