What's a workshop?

A workshop is a collaborative activity when participants are working together on a challenge.

You can facilitate a synchronous workshop where all participants are connected at the same time, or an asynchronous one that span across several days.

A workshop is divided by steps. The current step is managed by the facilitator. On each step participants can do a number of things:

There is number of different visualizations available:

  • Card view that shows the clusters and their cards in vertical fashion
  • Canvas view such as grids, columns or more complex ones such as the business model canvas
  • Bar chart to display the result of a vote
  • Bubble chart to display the result of an evaluation.
  • Insight cloud to display the content as a smart word cloud

It make the workshop a good use-cases for:

  • Explore a vision,
  • Formulate a challenge,
  • Understand a user, a product or a market,
  • Brainstorm ideas,
  • Develop and evaluate solutions or prototypes,
  • Formalize an action plan,
  • Assess a project or conduct a retrospective...

The simplest way to use Stormz is to pick one of our templates and play with it. There is a step by step tutorial that will explain you how to create your first workshop with a template.

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